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Theft Protection/PermaVin Etch

- Professional thieves will avoid vehicles with theft deterrent systems
- Permanently places a unique identification code permanently onto covered vehicle
- Provides law enforcement with an effective way to trace consumers’ vehicle in the event of a theft
- Stencils or DNA labels

Perma Vin Product Guarantees

- In event that vehicle is stolen and not recovered or recovered stolen consumer will be eligible for benefits up to the plan purchased

Road Hazard

- Tire & Wheel Protection
- Windshield Protection
- Dent & Ding Protection
- Roadside Assistance
- Maximum Protection Plans


Key Remote Replacement

- In the event key/remote is lost, broken, stolen or destroyed we will pay for a replacement key/remote
- Provides for replacement of Key/Remote up to $400 or $800 per year dependent upon Plan sold
- No out of pocket expense to customer if they return to originating dealer

Interior/Exterior Protection

- Available in term of 3 years for used vehicles and term of 5 years for new vehicles
- Exterior Paint Protection protects vehicle against acid rain, inclement weather, tree sap and bird droppings
- Interior Protection protects vehicle against most fast-food stains, coffee, and harmful U.V. rays from the sun
- Optional rips, tears and burns coverage available


GAP Insurance

- 150 % of MSRP or 120% of MSRP - depending on type of dealership/program sold.
- Available for term up to 84 months
- Underwritten by an A-rate carrier
- Available for new or used vehicles
- For sale by New Franchise, Independent, Buy-Here-Pay-Here, RV and Powersport Dealerships